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Implementing Charts that Scale with D3 and Canvas

Without a doubt D3.js has become the go-to technology when it comes to data visualization on a web browser. With D3 you can do almost whatever you can imagine in terms of dynamic and interactive infographics for data visualization on the browser using technologies...

Sending emails with attachments with AWS Lambda and Node.js

One of the greatest services provided by AWS is Lambda. In a single sentence and as stated on the official AWS page: Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers How’s that possible? Well, as the reader probably knows already: So...

Implementing JWT with Spring Boot and Spring Security

Spring Boot JWT Written by Mauricio Urraco, Full Stack Developer @ XOOR Introduction ( Just to throw some background in, we have a wonderful introduction, courtesy of! Let’s take a look: What is JSON Web Token? JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open...

Hosting a secure static website on AWS

Using SSL with S3 + CloudFront At XOOR we find ourselves building static websites for customers very frequently. It doesn’t matter how we implement this websites, they can be either Angular 2, React or just plain old HTML+CSS+JS. The important thing they all have in...

Dockerizing a Node.js and MongoDB App

A Lightweight Approach With Alpine Linux Introduction Docker has become an extremely popular tool not only among DevOps and Infrastructure people, but also for the daily work of any developer. And as a developer, during the past week I decided it was time to have a...

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