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AMS Analytics

AMS Analytics Suite: we resumed previously unsuccessful projects and launched them into the market

AMS Analytics came to us with the idea of finishing an app that they had started with another company but did not succeed. Our teams joined AMS's teams, and as part of a Talent Augmentation agreement, we managed to overcome the challenges involved in resuming a project that had been programmed for months, and we developed AMS Analytics Suite.

It is an application that analyzes data and helps in making decisions in the performing arts industry.

AMS Analytics needed to launch its product adapted to market needs and users requirements. To do so, they relied on our professional and highly skilled teams, who quickly integrated without disrupting the corporate culture.

What can be done with the AMS Analytics Suite app?

AMS Analytics is a boutique technology firm located in Connecticut, that provides custom analytics tools and strategic insights to the performing arts center industry. In order to offer a better service, they launched Analytics Suite.

It is a web application which analyzes data and gives reports on the performance of arts organizations, helping them to plan their business growth and encouraging a sense of community in the field.

The product allows users to access an interactive online dashboard, from which they can get customizable financial reports and statistics, that may be cataloged and filtered according to the different structures that their organization has.

Besides, the app makes possible to measure costs and analyze efficiency, at a general level and of each show in particular. It also allows for comparison with previous events and for monitoring data such as ticket sales, HR management, etc.

In addition, the app enables users to compare their own metrics with those of other companies that are in the same income category, and in this way, to find out whether the growth or decrease is an isolated issue or whether it is shared by the industry as a whole.

How did XOOR work with AMS Analytics teams?

We joined their teams and worked together in three stages:

First, we made an evaluation of the project which had been started by another company. We had to learn the business logic and, besides, to understand the code decisions for each event and define which ones would stay the same, which ones would be optimized and which ones would be completely rewritten. In that context, we made general improvements in the product so it could be released to market.

Second, we analyzed its flows and its relevance according to the business logic and goals, as well as the user roles. As a result of this diagnosis, we proposed a more effective scenario, that is, we optimized it to fit the needs of the market and the target audience of the application. To do so, we employed Node and MySQL technologies

Third, we redesigned the entire interface of the application. We suggested improvements to optimize interaction and usability, and to ensure a good user experience (UX). These tasks were carried out using Angular

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