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Trainng at XOOR

What is the purpose of training in a company?

At XOOR, we understand the importance of keeping teams up-to-date to ensure excellent service and client satisfaction. Besides, ongoing training provides long-lasting value to collaborators.

To support this, we offer an annual budget for our team members to purchase books and attend courses, as well as training programs that are available at any time. Additionally, we regularly host workshops on various topics that can be accessed on our YouTube channel.

In this article, we'll explain why ongoing training is crucial and provide detailed information on how to utilize the training budget and the tools available. We'll also share success stories of XOOR’s members who expanded their skill sets beyond their initial programming expertise and advanced their careers as a result.

In this article:

Why is ongoing training important?

Continuous training is crucial for software development teams for 4 main reasons. Firstly, it's necessary to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations to remain competitive in the constantly evolving technology industry.

As new frameworks and libraries are updated, it is vital to learn and adapt to improve the products created. In addition, the latest versions of operating systems demand optimized processes. Teams that are not up-to-date will only master obsolete technologies and will not be able to provide high quality and innovative services, losing competitiveness against other companies.

Secondly, updating team knowledge significantly benefits developers by boosting their careers and increasing their value in the labor market.

Thirdly, continuous learning fosters creative and innovative capacities, activates new ways of reasoning, and generates new ideas, allowing teams to develop innovative digital products and solutions to technological problems.

Lastly, organizations that work remotely find continuous training opportunities valuable for team building outside of the workplace. Participants can interact with colleagues who share the same interests, strengthen relationships, and exchange points of view.

How does XOOR support continuous learning for its teams?

XOOR recognizes the importance of continuous learning for its teams and provides various resources to support it. We offer 3 types of free online training, including courses and workshops in development, project management, quality assurance, UX/UI design, human resources, communication, and marketing.

Collaborators have access to an annual budget for purchasing books, accessing paid classes on educational platforms, or attending conferences and congresses. Those who are interested must submit a formal request to the human resources department explaining the academic proposal and the value of the activity they want to participate in.

XOOR's second proposal involves a repository of over 20 paid online courses that employees can take with their leader's approval, ensuring that project deadlines are not affected. It is worth pointing out that the company remains open to adding more training resources based on the needs and demands of its team and the market.

The third one, is a series of free workshops given by XOOR professionals who specialize in different topics. Most of these talks are usually open to the community and provide certificates of attendance.

After each session, we upload the video to our Youtube channel so everyone can access it and learn some tech skills. Moreover, viewers can ask questions to the presenters of the workshops, in order to get a deeper understanding.

Some of the topics we have addressed are:

Success stories: How training programs have helped professional development

At XOOR, some developers have become experts in different technologies by taking advantage of their free time to train in other languages, and now they have forged a career with what they learned.

This is what happened with Fer, who joined our company as a developer specialized in Wordpress. He did a great job in that discipline, and since he was eager to take on new challenges, he talked to his leader who transferred his needs to the founders.

From XOOR we realized that the company needed to strengthen a particular area at that time, so we developed a training plan and proposed Fer to be trained as a Frontend developer. After a few months he had already finished it, and began to work on new projects, being able to make the most of his new knowledge. Currently, he is very happy with his new role in the company.

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