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E-commerce system for products and services with a price estimator

We developed a web application that systematizes all the logistics of renting and/or buying furniture. On the one hand, publish the objects, quote them, make payments and deliver them; on the other hand, offer options by geographic location, hire the service and pay.

The Product

Yearn Club is a web application that works in the United Kingdom. It was born to solve parents the inconvenience of having to change the furniture in their children's room as they grow and have new needs with an innovative and ecological system.


We developed an online store that takes care of all the logistics surrounding the rental, transfer and payment of the spaces.

Set parameters for different roles

Users, both to offer their spaces for rent and those who hire them, have parameters to set: dimensions, color, age, status (new/used), geographic location, among others. Frontend: React + Typescript + GraphQL.


With that information, the systems we created link users according to their place of residence to avoid contacting people who live in different cities and have very high shipping costs. Backend: NodeJS + PostgreSQL + Typescript + GraphQL.

Safe and Reliable Payment System

For Yearn Club we created a two-part payment system. One for the "Yearners" who wish to rent a room; and another for those who rent their furniture, "Earners". The people who put their items for rent, leave a bank account to receive money. The systems we created link that account with an external payment service that guarantees security and saves development time and infrastructure.

Coordination of Monthly Collections and Real Estate Shipment

When the Yearner decides on a slot, he chooses how to make the transaction, fills in his credit card details and presses the "pay" button. Yearn calculates the amounts and surcharges, stores the dates for the invoices - if it was decided to do it in several payments - and sends it to the external platform to be executed eventually. Upon confirmation, Yearn schedules the delivery of furniture for the agreed date. Likewise, the person who rented the space receives the corresponding money each month in the account he/she declared.

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Amil Khanzada

Founder @ Virufy.org

The XOOR team has and continues to be an incredible and reliable partner throughout our journey to stop COVID with AI technology. They have excellent organizational skills, are flexible, and are highly technical. The web app they built for us is top-notch. I feel confident it is a product that will scale and that I can present to the high level decision makers globally.

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