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We build beautiful apps with both web and mobile technologies

This is a small sample of apps we've built and feel proud of.
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Spaces for exchange with tools for study and work

We developed a web application that connects, according to their interests, the two possible types of users : mentors and mentees. In addition, through the interface they can schedule meetings, tasks and plan projects together.
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E-commerce system for products and services with a price estimator

We developed a web application that systematizes all the logistics of renting and/or buying furniture. On the one hand, publish the objects, quote them, make payments and deliver them; on the other hand, offer options by geographic location, hire the service and pay.
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Virufy - Early detection of COVID-19 with AI technology

We’re happy to be a partner of Virufy.org, a non-profit organization that has developed an AI technology that allows anybody to identify patterns in the unique respiratory signatures of lungs damaged by the virus that are undetectable by humans. Based on extensive research, an accuracy of 75% or more can be achieved. See the full case study to learn more about Virufy.
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Vegan stores and products in your mobile

PlantBase allows you to learn about new products, their ingredients, nutritional info, and read reviews from trusted community members.
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The Future Home Alarm System

CityPanel is the app built to manage from any smartphone the first wireless communicator using mesh technology in electronic security.
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Billing Management Made Simple

Jampp's Drago is the company's internal customer accounts and billing management system built to simplify the accounting process.
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The Modern Realtor Tool

Indela’s mission is to create better real estate transactions for both the client and realtor. We built Indela as a React web app, with a special focus on responsiveness. The result was a client-focused real estate platform with a wonderful customer experience.
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Sexual wellbeing after cancer

Aviva is an app that provides information on common sexual changes after cancer, strategies to cope with these changes and how to improve communication to improve your relationship.
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Empowering Small Retail Stores

Central de Ofertas connects providers and retail stores to allow them saving costs and make it possible to compete with bigger markets. We helped Central de Ofertas to build and release their iOS app, allowing them to expand their reach and grow their business.
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Real Time Racing Market Movers

Plunge is a new tool for punters that allows them to gain that competitive edge over the bookies. We refactored the backend which was created with a basic technology; we restructured the infrastructure, and we moved it to Amazon Web Services, saving the client up to 70% on costs.
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