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Sexual wellbeing after cancer

Aviva is an app that provides information on common sexual changes after cancer, strategies to cope with these changes and how to improve communication to improve your relationship.

The Product

Sexual changes after cancer are quite common, ranging from 40-100% depending on cancer site. Aviva is the first resource to address sexual concerns amongst Latina cancer survivors.

A React Native App

Aviva was built with a focus on Android but with a potential to be launched on iOS as well, that's why we built it using React Native. An administration dashboard built with React was also created to allow configuration for all of the app resources.

Integration With Vimeo

Aviva integrates seamlessly with Vimeo's streaming API. All the content within the app is streamed from the Aviva research team Vimeo account to provide a perfect playback experience to end users.

Continuous Tracking

Aviva remembers at which point you stopped watching a video so that you can continue watching later without issues. We built a custom video player in order to track such events and store them on the backend.

Administration Dashboard

A React web dashboard allows the Aviva research team to configure the whole application experience, as well as managing registered users. The whole platform including dashboard and GraphQL API runs smoothly within the AWS cloud.

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Arjun Iyer

Head of Engineering @ Everydae

Without much guidance, they were able to deliver a very functional product that perfectly met our needs. It felt like they were team members from the beginning. We wanted to keep costs lower, and they ended up being a solid option.

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