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Billing Management Made Simple

Jampp's Drago is the company's internal customer accounts and billing management system built to simplify the accounting process.

The Product

We helped Jampp to build Drago, their own internal system to allow them to save time by automating some of their accounting processes.

Pixel Perfect Interface

We built Drago with React on the frontend allowing us to re-use a set of components already developed by Jampp in the past. This helped them not only to cut on costs, but also to keep the experience for their users similar to the other platforms they provide.

Backend Automated Billing

We’ve worked closely with Jampp’s tech team in order to create a stable and robust process to generate invoices automatically every month by collecting all the usage information from the client’s internal APIs. The process parses and calculates usage information in order to create invoices taking into account taxes, discounts and credit notes created.

Multiple Integrations

We’ve built integrations with multiple services including Xero for invoice and credit note generation, Sendgrid for transactional emails and Fixer for calculating exchange rates for the different countries where the billing process happens.

End User Platform

Alongside with the internal billing management system, a portal for end users was created by using the same components library. The UI presents the user with a simple dashboard with a clear and quick visibility of their billing status in real time.

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Our Happy Clients

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Arjun Iyer

Head of Engineering @ Everydae

Without much guidance, they were able to deliver a very functional product that perfectly met our needs. It felt like they were team members from the beginning. We wanted to keep costs lower, and they ended up being a solid option.

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