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Vegan stores and products in your mobile

PlantBase allows you to learn about new products, their ingredients, nutritional info, and read reviews from trusted community members.

The Product

PlantBase is an app that makes it easier to eat a plant based diet, all within an intuitive and beautiful web interface.

XOOR demonstrates great attention to detail. Whereas some vendors claim to be full-stack developers but perform unevenly between frontend and backend, XOOR has a comprehensive skill set. For example, the team gets very close to the pixel-perfect mockups we provide. Our side only needs to review their work and finesse the final details.
Creative Director, Boundary Digital

Web for Mobile Devices

We built PlantBase as a web plaform optimized for mobile devices, so that there are no app store barriers for users. It was crafted with JavaScript on it's soul, with technologies like React, Node and GraphQL.

React & Node.js

When the client told us they wanted a mobile web application, we immediately suggested using a JavaScript tech stack for the MVP. The result was a very fast and reliable platform, easy to maintain and extend.

Product Reviews

The platform allows users to post reviews including stars plus comments about all the products they have tried. This helps other users when they are searching for new healthy products to try out.

Buy Online

If you have a store and sell plant based products, PlantBase allows you to link your products on the platform directly to your Amazon.com store, helping users to make the purchase process fast and smooth.

Integrated with Google Maps

Find out easily which are the stores that are closest to your current location. If you're interested on a specific product, PlantBase will show you on a map which are the closest stores selling it!

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Our Happy Clients

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Arjun Iyer

Head of Engineering @ Everydae

Without much guidance, they were able to deliver a very functional product that perfectly met our needs. It felt like they were team members from the beginning. We wanted to keep costs lower, and they ended up being a solid option.

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