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We're passionate
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We are a startup that offers high-quality solutions to companies or people
with innovative ideas.

A Dependable Team

We are passionate about web and mobile applications, but we are versatile professionals who adequate to all technologic requirements. We work from the South of the American continent to the rest of the world, with trust and transparency as our pillars.

Professional & Friends

Working among friends and excellent developers, helping companies around the world to carry out their projects, is our daily motivation and what encourages us to face challenges that strengthen the spirit of XOOR.


A management team with decades of experience in the software industry ready to push forward your projects

Mauricio Payetta
Chief Executive Officer
Jonatan Jaskilioff
Chief Technology Officer
Juan Masud
Chief Operating Officer
Robby Black
Chief Business Development Officer
Kurt Jenkins
Chief Creative Officer
Frank Sette
Chief Revenue Officer


Laura Albizu
Head of People
Shalom Jaskilioff
Head of Communications
Sofía Calcaprina
Project Manager
Max Duthey
Technical Lead
Cristian Torrano
Technical Lead
Brian Caimmi
Technical Lead
Matías Céliz
Technical Lead

A Stellar Team

David Roth
Full Stack Dev
Leandro Hanc
Full Stack Dev
Mariano Rodríguez
Full Stack Dev
Juan Manuel Vera
UI/UX Designer
Luisina Perfetto
Quality Assurance
Juan Dahl
Full Stack Dev
Dolores Carrasco
Quality Assurance
Francisco Baralle
Full Stack Dev
Juan José Rodriguez
Full Stack Dev
Marcelo Beghé
Full Stack Dev
Alan Saracho
Full Stack Dev
Franco Pagella
Full Stack Dev
Franco Segura
Full Stack Dev
Gastón Yelmini
Full Stack Dev
Claudio Gareca
Full Stack Dev
Tomas Leonangeli
Full Stack Dev
Fernando Gamba
Full Stack Dev

Our Happy Clients

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Amil Khanzada

Founder @ Virufy.org

The XOOR team has and continues to be an incredible and reliable partner throughout our journey to stop COVID with AI technology. They have excellent organizational skills, are flexible, and are highly technical. The web app they built for us is top-notch. I feel confident it is a product that will scale and that I can present to the high level decision makers globally.

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