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This is why you should nearshore your software development to Argentina

Even though many companies keep it behind curtains, everybody in the industry knows that during the past decade the nearshore software development business grew considerably. The top reason that pushes companies in the US or Europe to outsource their software development efforts to other countries is money. Hiring a team in-house is way more expensive than hiring a team in other (cheaper) countries. But... (there's always a but) more often than not, cheaper means poor quality.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

This post is meant to prove with facts that Argentina is not just a place with awesome landscapes like the Perito Moreno Glacier, but it's also the best place for American companies to outsource their software development projects by spending (much) less for the same quality they'd get from an in-house dev team.

1. First things first: low cost, top quality

During the past decade, Argentina showed that it's a reliable and cost effective option for outsourcing. The low value of the Argentinian currency compared to the US Dollar allows our IT companies to have the most competitive prices in the global market. When you pair low prices with all the other reasons listed in this article, you'll understand why Argentina is the top destination to outsource any software development work and save lots on costs. Of course XOOR is not an exception to this, so if after reading this article you're ready to outsource your project to an Argentinian company, drop us a line here.

2. Different language? Not a problem for us

Communication is key in the development of projects of any kind, but specially when teams are located in different countries. According to the English Proficiency Index elaborated by EF, Argentina ranks first in Latin America and is the only country having a score of "High proficiency" in the region. Having high proficiency means Argentinians can make a presentation at work, understand TV shows or read a newspaper without any problem.

Latin American countries in the English Proficiency Index

This means that when you hire a dev team in Argentina, you can expect them to be part of your team meetings and communicate progress or issues as if they were part of your in-house team.

3. Time zone

Argentina is located in UTC-3, meaning we can easily adapt and share most of our working day with your team, whether you are based on the east or the west coast.

4. But what about tech skills?

So far you might be thinking "yeah, those guys speak good English, have a timezone similar to ours, but how do they rank on technology skills?". The Coursera Global Skills Index unites Coursera’s deep expertise in data and education to highlight the world’s top trending career skills. In the Technology category, Argentina ranks 1st in the world. We are at the top of the list of 15 countries that have cutting edge skills on Technology, and we are the only Latin American country in the cutting edge list.

Coursera's world ranking of technology skills

Some of the competencies that Coursera lists within the Technology category are Computer Networking, Operating Systems, Databases and Software Engineering. As the full report states:

Driven by an especially strong performance in Software Engineering (100%) and Operating Systems (95%), it outshines all of its neighbors by a wide margin. This reflects the country’s strong technology community and tech-savvy government, as well as its ambitious goal to be the center of the Fourth Indus-trial Revolution

5. Culture

Even though there's a ~9000km (~5,600mi) distance between us, Argentinians and Americans are very similar in terms of culture. And I'm not just talking about food, drinks, art or sports... we are very similar in terms of working culture, specially when talking about the IT industry. Working environments are pretty much the same ones you can find in any of the major IT companies in the US.

Due to our European roots, we share a similar mindset and lifestyle with American people. This is key in understanding your project requirements and it allows us to share our point of view about your app features. We can see your projects both as developers as well as potential users because of our cultural similarity.


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