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No matter what stage your project is at, we’ll help you move forward. We’re ready to step in and make a difference.

MVP Launch

At the core of every great idea is always a set of basic functionality. With our experience on the market we can help you quickly define the key features of your Minimum Viable Product to ensure a successful and on-time launch.

We’ll build a solid scalable base for your product. This means you’ll always be able to make your project grow by adding as many new features as you want to the initial MVP.

Web, Mobile & Desktop

Our experienced team of developers can handle all your needs: cross-platform mobile apps, responsive web applications, WordPress websites, RESTful APIs or desktop applications for any platform.

At XOOR we work hard to master all the latest technologies and standards and our team is trained to identify your project’s requirements and recommend the most suitable tech stack for it.

Cloud Ready

We are living in the Cloud Era, and we love it! Having a 24×7 infrastructure for your system has never been so easy. Let us build a cloud solution for your project that is not only scalable, but also cost efficient. We strongly encourage our developers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends on cloud infrastructure services.

Some of the technologies we proudly master and love using

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