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Virufy - Early detection of COVID-19 with AI technology

We’re happy to be a partner of Virufy.org, a non-profit organization that has developed an AI technology that allows anybody to identify patterns in the unique respiratory signatures of lungs damaged by the virus that are undetectable by humans. Based on extensive research, an accuracy of 75% or more can be achieved. See the full case study to learn more about Virufy.

The people behind Virufy

Virufy was born from a joint effort between young enthusiasts from different areas such as artificial intelligence engineering, medicine and application development. The non-profit organization is part of the Stanford's COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab and is also present in the One Young World organization. Other institutions participating in the project besides XOOR are Hacking 4 Recovery from Stanford University, Siena Company from Brazil, and JIG from Japan.

How it works

Thanks to the work done by prestigious institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge, Virufy is developing an artificial intelligence algorithm capable of recognizing a COVID-19 infection almost instantly by analyzing the sound recordings of the cough.

Our work

When we joined Virufy as partners, we found a team full of experts in very different areas and from all around the world. Our part of the job was the development of a Progressive Web App capable of collecting samples from users in different countries. These samples will allow the team to validate and tune the AI engine. Also, planning and implementing the required architecture for managing the acquired information making sure to comply with the laws and requirements of the different countries the app operates in.

Collection of cough samples

We’ve created a PWA that allows users to easily contribute to this ambitious project. By following a very simple wizard with a few steps, they can record their cough sound and submit it to the Virufy AI engine. By implementing this as a PWA, we don’t have to force users to download and install a new app from the app stores, making the process smoother and easier.

What's next

Although a lot of progress has been made, there is still much to be done. In the short term, the plan is to add capacity to the PWA to collect multiple samples offline to be submitted once the device has an internet connection. This will allow poorer regions and those far from large urban centers to also have the possibility to be tested.

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Our Happy Clients

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Amil Khanzada

Founder @ Virufy.org

The XOOR team has and continues to be an incredible and reliable partner throughout our journey to stop COVID with AI technology. They have excellent organizational skills, are flexible, and are highly technical. The web app they built for us is top-notch. I feel confident it is a product that will scale and that I can present to the high level decision makers globally.

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