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BigFive Solutions: We improved white-label BigCity app code

One of the companies that decided to work with our teams was BigFive. They brought us their white-label app BigCity and asked us to take control of the project autonomously, develop new functionalities, improve the code, optimize processes and perform maintenance tasks. 

BigFive Solutions is a digital marketing and communication agency from France, that gives advice to business owners so as to increase their visibility, through a digital product with a monthly subscription: Big City.

They chose to work with XOOR since we are an Argentinian company offering multidisciplinary teams of excellence and we would accelerate the development time of their product.

Which funcionalities does BigCity have?

BigCity is a BigFive Solutions product that has been operating for over 4 years in France and Africa and aims to increase the visibility of their clients' businesses, allowing them to reach a wider public.

The app makes it possible for users at a particular location to find places to eat, hotels and stores. It shows nearby shops, reviews and comments, and has geolocation to trace the route to the destination. 

In some cases, it enables users to make bets on different items, and for countries that operate with Yango, the app has an integration that lets users request a vehicle for transfer.

This application is white-label in both its mobile and web formats, allowing companies that hire BigFive's services to customize logo, terms and conditions, colors, typography, among other features, according to their brand identity.

What did XOOR develop for BigFive?

XOOR was hired for its Talent Augmentation service as an autonomous team, that is, to be in charge of the whole project development process with a collaborative management between our technical leader and BigFive's Product Owner.

As an autonomous team, we took care of the project as part of the agreement to perform maintenance tasks on the existing base, and we made code enhancements using PHP Laravel framework.

Then, we worked on new app features to improve user experience and we collaborated on customization options employing React Native, in an aim to help the company enrich its business proposal.

How did we enhance the app code?

With our development teams, we performed 4 key tasks:

First, we updated part of the application code, migrating from existing components to "Functional Components", in order to take advantage of the full power of React Hooks in its latest versions.

Second, we optimized internal processes within the application to ensure a fast user experience, eliminating unnecessary executions in the access.

Third, we identified repeated code in different components and extracted it to global helpers, allowing access from different parts. At the same time, we eliminated unnecessary operations that were adding effort to the system and slowing it down. 

Fourth, we took filtering and search tasks which were performed within the application and moved them to the backend, in order to reduce data processing. This enabled us to implement paging in different critical sections to speed up the app load. 

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