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About Us


A management team with over a decade of experience in the software industry, ready to boost your projects.

Area leaders

The founders of XOOR, Juan Manuel Masud, Mauricio Payetta and Jonatan Jaskilioff, embracing against a tree-lined background and gray sky.

Our Beginnings

Our main goal at XOOR has always been offering comprehensive and high-quality solutions to companies that need to increase their creative and development capacity, with a profitable, flexible and long-term approach. After working with several companies around the world and living in different countries not finding complete satisfaction in what we did, we created XOOR, a place where everything is possible, a space to fulfill our dreams and those of all the people who want to join us.

What We Do

We offer scalable, on-demand, high-performance multidisciplinary teams that guarantee the success of projects by taking care of all aspects: management, research, design, developing, testing, release to production, and maintenance. Web and mobile applications are our passion. We specialize in Javascript technologies, particularly React, React Native, and Node.js. Moreover, we dominate all cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

About Us

We are versatile professionals at the forefront of the software industry. Curiosity, creativity, transparency and communication are our pillars. Located in South America, we provide clients from all over the world with our services. We adapt to the needs of each project and the ones responsible for them.

A large part of the XOOR work team staggered on the grass, against a background of trees and gray skies.