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Custom Software

Custom Software is the best choice for projects that need an specific deliverable based on Product Stage (Discovery, MVP, Product Development). Experience our agile and forward-thinking environment as we create your rock-solid digital products.

Discovery phase

Our team will help improve your vision and design the blueprints of your MVP.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We help you build the prototype to test the most important features of your product in the market.

Product development

We help your prototype evolve into a fully mature product. Our multidisciplinary teams are experienced in developing outstanding products for companies ranging from startups to large corporations.


Talent Augmentation

Talent Augmentation is a perfect fit for a long-term partnership, where client's technical expertise may not be required. We supplement your workforce with an array of different specialties such as Software Development, UX UI Design, QA engineering, and Project Management. XOOR’s IT staffing services are reliable, cost-effective, conveniently located, and highly qualified.

Dedicated Team

We quickly assemble your nearshore dream team Typically this is composed of a PM, Software engineers, QA engineers, and other roles that are defined for each specific project. Management is conducted jointly by a Technical Leader and the client’s product owner. All our team members are fluent English speakers and seasoned engineers. A Dedicated Team works autonomously, but communicates and provides status reports as often as you request.

Extended Team

Increase size and productivity of your in-house team with minimal effort As your product enters new phases of maturity, sometimes it’s necessary to add new members to face the new challenges. Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project. XOOR provides all the roles needed to complete the team you require. Our Extended Team service works as part of your in-house team, providing the speed, professional acumen and flexibility your company needs to grow quickly and ensure quality. The Extended Team will be attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers.


To help free your internal teams, XOOR provides ongoing maintenance services for your existing products. Our senior tech team focuses on ensuring the sustainability of your product and daily operations. We provide 2 different packages of support activities to maintain the quality of your products.

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3-5 days
1 business day
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5 hours 10 hours 20 hours
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Upon extra charge
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Email Bug-tracker
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Upfront monthly fee
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1 month
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