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Deitres: We optimized CityPanel UX and created an app for security technicians

Deitres needed to improve the UX of their security app CityPanel, and to make it easier for technical staff to configure the control panel. In order to do so, we worked on its interface and built a new product with React Native.

Deitres chose our Talent Augmentation service with autonomous teams, to accelerate their product development without compromising quality. In this way, they also avoided impacting on the daily tasks of its technological area and freed them to continue optimizing their systems.

The company works with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Mesh technology. It also develops hardware, firmware and software for their own products, and along the same lines, they created CityPanel.

What does CityPanel do?

For 15 years now, Deitres has been offering solutions to alarm system providers, and along with XOOR, they developed CityPanel, the first universal security system communicator using Mesh networks.

The mobile app allows you to manage home security remotely from any smartphone.

The system records every event or movement, and displays them in chronological order. It records the actions triggered by all members of the house who have access to the application from their own phones.

It allows you to perform the traditional actions of a security system but from mobile devices: regular arming and disarming, panic button, medical emergency button and even a secure entry mode for when you get home. 

Besides, it is capable of supporting smart home devices such as lights, switches, cameras and speakers.

What did XOOR develop together with Deitres?

XOOR autonomously built the product with React Native. Our teams, made up of development and QA specialists, guided by one of our PMs and in constant dialogue with the Deitres Product Owner, carried out their tasks as a pod inside the company. 

We worked on the interface in close collaboration with the Deitres UI/UX team to get the best experience for end users.

At the same time, we elaborated a different Android app (also with React Native) to make the configuration panel more effective, faster and easier to use by the technical staff.

Collaborative work was key on this project. Even though we executed improvements with our development team, the coordination with Deitres’ technical area and the great communication we achieved, speeded up the programming and testing processes.

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