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English Classes at XOOR

English classes for the team

At XOOR, we provide English classes online for our team because we recognize the importance of proficiency in English within the technology industry. Being fluent in English expands the possibilities for our business, as it allows us to access a broader range of opportunities. In addition, much of the relevant study material and resources in this field are in English, and we want our professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, innovations and tools. Finally, improving communication skills is vital for our team members to interact effectively with clients, partners, and colleagues.

In this sense, people who join XOOR can choose to take a test to evaluate their initial level and start a course. Classes are taken during working hours up to twice a week and are completely free of charge for them.

In this article we will tell you about the benefits for the company if its members are trained in this language; what are the advantages for those who take the course; and we will detail how the English classes are given at XOOR.

In this article:

Why do we offer English classes at XOOR?

At XOOR, most of our client companies are from the United States, so we need our development, project management, UX UI design, and quality assurance teams to be able to understand and speak English.

As our services include Talent Augmentation, it is common to assemble teams that are integrated into client companies and work side by side with their specialists. Therefore, it is essential that they are able to communicate in order to carry out the projects and achieve the outlined goals: increase the productive and creative capacity, and develop or improve digital products.

In any case, we aim to ensure that language does not become a barrier to recruiting talented individuals. If we hire someone who does not possess a proficient level of English, we provide them with classes to enhance their abilities and further develop themselves as professionals.

What are XOOR's English classes like?

At XOOR, we hire highly recognized institutes that offer comprehensive programs aimed at working on written and oral communication skills. The aim is to provide XOOR collaborators with a set of tools to dialogue with client teams, present project progress, exchange ideas, discuss technical points of view and reach agreements.

In that sense, when someone new is hired at XOOR, they go through an onboarding process and are asked if they want to take English classes. If so, they are invited to take a test to determine their level and know which class they can join. Once this step has been taken, they are ready to start!

The meetings are in groups, composed of between 2 and 6 XOOR members, and are held online twice a week. The cost is fully covered by the company, which means that English classes are free for those who decide to take them.

There are two requirements to be able to participate: to maintain a minimum attendance rate, and to take the exams. XOOR's human resources department will contact anyone who fails to comply with these conditions to inquire about any issues, offer to help the person continue with the classes, or terminate the agreement if necessary.

In case you need to be absent from a class for a specific reason, you must provide a valid justification, such as health or medical issues, technical difficulties, scheduled meetings with clients or team members, local holidays, or personal vacation time.

Finally, it is important to remark that online English classes offer remote workers an opportunity to see faces with other people that are part of XOOR but that we may not talk to every day since they are in other areas or projects. Sharing these spaces allows us to get to know each other better.

Why is it important for a company that its members study English?

Technology companies in Argentina provide English classes to their staff in order to reach a competitive level in relation to the U.S. market, and it is also an excellent strategy for attracting and retaining talent.

Argentina stands out internationally for the quality of its professionals dedicated to the software industry. According to the global skills report conducted in 2021 by Coursera, the national talent is among the best in the world, particularly in computer programming (80%) and mobile development (89%).

If the entire team has a good command of English, the company becomes an opportunity for U.S. companies that are looking for technology solution providers. In addition, due to the depreciation of the Argentine currency, our salaries are very competitive for those who operate in dollars.

Offering English classes is also an attractive benefit for job seekers. Many individuals who possess expertise in programming, project management, Quality Assurance, or UX UI design may not have advanced proficiency in the English language. Joining a company that provides English classes presents a fantastic opportunity for professional growth and development.

In a market where there are plenty of job openings for technological talent, providing language training can be a decisive element for applicants. While most companies today already offer this benefit, not having it can tip the scales in favor of competing firms.

Moreover, since there is a shortage of technology experts in comparison to market demands, development companies tend to focus on professionals who are already employed. Therefore, job seekers often consider non-monetary benefits, such as English classes, a good work environment, paid vacation, and more, when evaluating new job opportunities. As a result, it is essential to implement talent retention strategies that prioritize ensuring a positive work experience for team members, and anticipating their needs.

What are the benefits for people who take English classes?

English is the most widely spoken language in the global business community, and having a strong command of it can open up new opportunities for collaboration and career advancement.

People with software development expertise who possess such language skills, are not only able to offer their services to Argentina companies, but also to organizations across the world.

In addition, we must emphasize the importance of the English language for access to information. Especially in the IT field, many of the advances, updates and improvements are launched by universities or companies in the USA, which means that white papers are in their language. Therefore, keeping up with new issues requires English skills, otherwise you will have to wait a few months for someone to produce a Spanish version. The same happens with lectures given from well-known universities, with free courses available on Youtube, or TedX talks. Everything comes first in English.

On the other hand, learning English as a second language -or any other- can have positive impacts on a personal level. It has cognitive benefits, as it stimulates the brain and can improve memory, problem-solving, and attention span. It increases confidence and general communication skills, making it easier for people to function at work and in their personal lives. And, of course, it can be very useful for leisure travel, expanding opportunities for living in other countries and communicating with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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