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Leave policies for work-life balance

To encourage a company's culture, actions speak louder than words. When the aim is to promote work-life balance, simply stating it is not sufficient. The companies must take specific steps, like offering flexible working hours, paid vacations, and maternity and paternity leave, to demonstrate their commitment.

According to UNICEF specialists, maternity and paternity leaves generate a better working environment. In addition, people who benefit from this policy feel more committed to the company. Both issues have an impact on a decrease in the turnover rate.

Taking care of our team members involves providing them with leaves of absence when they fall ill. This is not only because their productivity is affected, but also to ensure their overall well-being. It is essential to give sufficient time off for them to fully recover, which includes covering the days they need to be absent.

In this regard, Stanford University conducted a research study which found that paid sick leave increases job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity.

If you want to find out why it is important for companies to grant leaves of absence to their collaborators, and to know in detail XOOR's policy, keep reading.

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Why grant leaves of absence?

Providing maternity, paternity, and sick leave to collaborators is crucial for promoting their well-being. By offering these benefits, we demonstrate our commitment and support during times of illness or when they choose to start or expand their families.

Parental leave allows both mothers and fathers to take time off work to recover from childbirth, bond with their newborns, and be quiet to focus solely on their family without work responsibilities.

The report "Maternalism, Co-responsibility, and Social Equity" highlights the significance of parental leave. Not only does it assist mothers and fathers in reducing stress, but it also contributes to enhancing child development, promoting breastfeeding, and establishing stable attachment figures.

It has also been proven that those who are granted leave of absence reaffirm their loyalty and commitment. A study conducted by UNICEF states that the parental leave regime in Argentina reduces absenteeism and stress, while improving productivity, work climate and job satisfaction.

At organizations like XOOR, it's the company itself that covers the cost of leaves, so that collaborators continue to receive their salary as agreed upon with the Human Resources department.

Maternity leave at XOOR

Maternity leave at XOOR is granted to mothers who have given birth or adopted children. The purpose is to provide paid non-working days so that women can share the first days of their children's lives.

The paid maternity leave period guaranteed by XOOR is up to 90 calendar days. Once the leave has been completed, XOOR also offers the possibility of working reduced hours.

According to the company's policies, it must begin at least 15 days prior to the due date. In addition, it is very important to be notified of the pregnancy as soon as possible in order to be able to organize the projects in which the person is involved so that they can proceed as normal during her absence.

In order to enjoy this benefit, 4 months prior to the due date, they will be asked to complete a "Request Time Off" form (Maternity Leave), and log the hours corresponding to the leave in our management software.

In the case of adoption or foster care for adoption, XOOR grants the same number of days and follows the same procedure as in the case of maternity leave. The collaborator must submit the judicial ruling to the Human Resources department.

How is maternity leave paid? Those who have requested maternity leave do not have to do anything more than formally request it, and then they will continue to receive their salary as they do every month.

Paternity Leave in XOOR

Why is paternity leave important? At XOOR, we believe that fathers play a crucial role in raising their children, which is why we offer them the opportunity to take leave days and be present during the early stages of their child's life.

How long can a father take off for paternity leave? The period of paternity leave that we guarantee at XOOR is up to 15 calendar days from the date of birth, or from the date of adoption or foster care for adoption.

How to apply for paternity leave? Individuals are asked to notify HR at least 3 months prior to the due date of childbirth or adoption. Then they have to make a formal request through our management system, indicating the number of days of leave to be taken and logging into our project management software, the dates to be absent.

Sick Leave in XOOR

This is a paid leave of absence so that our team members can go through sick days and recover before putting all their energy back into work.

During the days of illness, the person will continue to receive their salary as normal. To request it, they must inform the human resources area, and formally request it in our management system, attaching a medical certification.

It is very important that the person notifies their leader about their illness and how many days they will be absent, so that tasks can be organized and reassigned during their time off. In the same way, they will need to upload the hours on sick leave into our project management software.

Many people wonder if sick leaves can be accumulated: no, they do not accumulate to the following year. Instead, on December 31 of each year they expire and new 10 working days are charged as available to be taken in case of health problems.

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