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Dept: we provide them with highly skilled professionals

Dept focuses on the creation of mobile and web applications. In order to meet their commitments to their clients, Dept needs to increase their creative and productive capacity, and for that purpose they hire XOOR's Talent Augmentation services.

These outsourcing modalities are a good option for companies that need to increase their teams' size quickly without spending time in recruiting processes, and preventing them from losing business opportunities due to the delay in hiring.

What does Dept do?

Dept is a Dutch tech development and marketing agency that since 1996 has been creating digital products to help brands stay ahead.

They specialize in the whole lifecycle of software design and development, and offer expert staff that collaborates in project management and programming of mobile, web and software applications in general. 

Hand-in-hand with their global teams, Dept offers quick solutions to their clients' needs. In addition, they provide customized advice so that the products created meet the commercial goals of each brand.

Which services does XOOR provide to Dept?

We make our professionals available to Dept, and whenever a project arises, together with them we make a selection of the right people to perform the tasks: developers (Node, React or Fullstack), PMs, QA (Automation or manual), and/or UXUI. In less than 4 weeks, DEPT has a complete team ready to start.

Since 2021 we have worked either as part of their teams, or autonomously, according to the needs of each project. In every opportunity, we have achieved the satisfaction of the end users of the digital products developed.

In the first experience of working together, we adopted the working culture of the company and worked as if we were one of Dept. Our developers and professionals from other fields aligned their tasks according to the final client’s direction.

On another occasion, we made available to Dept, PMs, Software engineers, QA tester, and other roles that are defined according to each project’s needs; and the management is shared between the technical leader of XOOR and the Product Owner of the final client.

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