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The clients brought an idea, we advised them and together we developed Harlow

In addition to carrying out the project for Harlow Inc. and taking care of the entire production process, we provided technical advice to the clients so that they could launch an international quality product aimed at freelancers.

When our teams joined Harlow as part of a Talent Augmentation agreement, our expertise helped refine the vision of the product to ensure its usability and viability.

We also gave continuous support and had a specialized person available at all times to answer our clients’ queries.

What is Harlow?

In 2014 the founders of Harlow met while working at a company, and in 2018 they decided to put their skills to work for themselves, boost their productivity and cut down the busy work, so they founded Interimly. 

In this line, they launched a technological product that provides freelancers with an organizational tool that allows them to manage their day-to-day work, from "onboarding" to "invoicing": tasks, meetings, deadlines, client information, budgets, contracts.

The web application is aimed at UX/UI designers, developers, marketing and communication professionals, etc, who work independently and spend much time on administrative or bureaucratic issues. The goal is to make it easier for them to devote exclusively to production.

With this software and a paid monthly or yearly subscription, they can keep track of the different accounts they work on. It brings together all the necessary information to monitor clients and projects. 

You can budget, record the number of hours worked per project and the detail of the activities performed. The system also allows invoicing and tracking of non-payments; gives access to financial reports that are automatically generated when uploading payments; and shows the history of the labor relationship. Invoice payments through Stripe or Paypal have also been enabled.

Harlow has a calendar that is integrated with Google Calendar, so you can view scheduled meetings, tasks and invoices by due date. It also supports setting up tasks by client and/or projects.

How did we work with Harlow?

The clients contacted us because they wanted to create a web application, for which they had done some research and interviews with other freelancers. In the first meetings, our team detected that many of the functionalities had technical restrictions and limitations in the necessary integrations.

In order to do so, we guide them in the Discovery process to define the general concept of the app, the core functionalities, and the required integrations to achieve the intended goals and the users' needs. 

We asked the right questions to understand Harlow’s vision and to have a roadmap to build a product tailored to their needs and the needs of the users.

Our PM organized all the tasks and timelines, and was also responsible for defining functionality requirements, monitoring design and reporting on improvements, typical duties of a Product Owner. 

XOOR worked on a wireframe, at an intermediate level, in order to lay out the functionalities and flows, employing Figma as a central tool. Once the wireframe was approved, we moved on to the design stage, creating components in Figma, defining the UI kit and starting to develop the screens with constant feedback from the clients.

Our Technical Lead defined the project stack and set the base projects for the BE and FE. In this way, we were able to create the web application from scratch, using Node.js for the Backend, React for the Frontend, and GraphQL to get an efficient interaction. 

We also take care of product quality control through test cases. We use the Heap tool to check which browsers and devices are the most used by the target audience, located in the USA, in order to achieve more reliable results.

We are continuously working on new functionalities and integrations to guarantee a good user experience. We also do general maintenance on the application.

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