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We unblock Jampp's pending tasks and increase their productivity by 200%

At XOOR we not only create applications, but also help companies achieve their goals in less time. A few months after joining Jampp with our team of developers and designers, we managed to unblock tasks that had been unfinished for years, and increase productivity by an average of 200%.

By offering our Talent Augmentation service, we provide value that goes beyond the material. We share all our experience gathered over the last ten years, and make it available to create methodologies of work. Jampp not only started to use that methodologies, but also aims to spread them to other areas and effectively incorporate them as part of their culture.

Along the same lines, when we joined the company to co-develop Drago app and to optimize Silver, we improved their communication flows and offered all our technical knowledge, accelerating the process and solving many core problems. 

What is Jampp?

Jampp is a company that leverages machine learning to optimize the management and marketing strategies of their customers, and to boost the growth of their businesses.

It was created in 2013 and has grown from 8 people to 100 today. Jampp's staff is located in different parts of the world and although they work remotely, there are offices in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Singapore.

The company is made up of entrepreneurs from different fields and they love to take on challenges and help the mobile application industry thrive. In this sense, they created a technology to support all types of companies and boost their products and services outreach.

How did we create Drago for Jampp?

Jampp has a small stable development team that is responsible for the maintenance of all their digital products. Building an application from scratch meant years of programming, or disregarding other tasks.

In that sense, we joined their teams and in less than a year we developed Drago: an internal account and billing management system built to simplify the company’s accounting process.

We worked alongside Jampp’s technical team to create a robust and stable process that automatically generates monthly invoices, after collecting all the usage information through their internal APIs. The process analyzes and calculates data to create invoices considering taxes, discounts and credit notes generated.

It integrates with multiple services, including Xero to generate invoices and credit notes; Sendgrid for transactional emails; and Fixer to calculate exchange types for the different countries where the billing process takes place.

We built Drago with React for its Frontend, which allowed us to reuse a set of components already developed by Jampp in the past. This helped them not only to reduce costs, but also to maintain UX consistency across their platforms.

Which functionalities does Silver have?

At the end of the Drago project, we had established a bond and Jampp was very satisfied with the technical level of our teams, their professionalism and organization. So they proposed a long-term agreement to optimize the Silver platform.

The product offers an administration panel that was originally intended for Jampp's Account Managers, who spoke with clients and were in charge of executing the ideal marketing actions to boost their business.

Then, we made improvements in the interface so that advertisers can set some parameters in the configuration menu and then the system will automatically do the rest. In this way, they will be able to work on their own marketing strategies and optimize user acquisition and retargeting processes, based on artificial intelligence.

When we started to get involved in this project, we noticed that they did not have a defined process. They had communication problems and blocked tasks due to lack of information or resolution of other tickets, since they had features that had been loaded in the backlog for years.

So, first of all, we built a more organized work methodology and we improved communication. Once we were able to define tasks, we worked on migrating screens and flows from an old dashboard to the new one; we moved from "class components" to "functional components", in order to upgrade to the latest versions of React.

We also perform "maintenance" on the code, employing the following technologies: React + Redux, NodeJS Infrastructure + Express + MySQL.

XOOR's contributions to Jampp?

Besides creating Drago and optimizing Silver, together with Jampp teams we reorganized the way of working, first based on a basic Scrum methodology, without estimations; then we added sprint planning meetings, demos and retrospectives.

We defined a workflow and assigned responsibilities to both the Product Owner and the TL who were in charge of assigning tasks to the programmers and designers.

Our technical lead conducted a careful and customized work organization using Scrum methodology, and coordinated the dialogue and actions between the internal group of XOOR and Jampp’s group through Jira.

The already meticulous review process that Jampp had was subjected to continuous improvements to reduce the margin of error as much as possible. In this process, each card must be approved by at least two developers and the product team; in turn, a merge commit was established and the production area is responsible for testing that everything works properly. We are currently trying to incorporate videos or images with evidence and validation from the UXUI area.

We decided to stay in touch through Slack, organizing conversations in simultaneous threads, so as not to lose the ideas and contributions that are developed in relation to each topic.

In this way, thanks to all the planning, the good management and the structure we have built together, we were able to unblock pending tasks and finally run the platform more easily.

Our coordinated approach helped streamline the development process and increase sprint productivity by up to 350%. With this scenario, Jampp was able to schedule improvements, updates and new features on a quarterly basis.

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