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best web and mobile app development companies in Latin America

XOOR once again selected among the best development companies in Latin America

For the third consecutive year, XOOR was recognized by Clutch, one of the leading B2B assessment and rating platforms, as one of the top companies that develop mobile and nearshore web products in Latin America.

The Business Development Manager of Clutch Latin America, Ricardo Real Preciado, stated that "the B2B companies recognized in this report demonstrated their commitment to their clients and their high skills in various technology development projects, digital marketing, design and more".

In this context, the Founder & CEO of XOOR, Mauricio Payetta, asserted that the recognition "is fundamental because it validates that all the team's effort is worthwhile." He then highlighted that starting "with this project in 2017 and being recognized from 2018 until today as one of the best companies to develop mobile and web products in Latin America fill us with pride and encourage us to continue growing".

How are the Best Nearshore Companies in Latin America selected?

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In the last decade, digital consumption has been growing exponentially. Nowadays, we do not hesitate to make a supermarket purchase on the web, order dinner through a delivery application, or buy clothes online. In that sense, the IT industry migrated to a nearshore modality in which the Latin American market has become quite relevant, and therefore the competition is increasing.

The Business Development Manager of Clutch Latin America considered that "as the market evolves, the outsourcing or 'nearshoring' of a project to Latin American companies is a wise decision that companies should take into account.

In this context, XOOR was selected as one of the best companies that provide nearshore services for mobile and web application development, along with other companies from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

How does Clutch decide which companies to highlight?

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Clutch carries out market research and carefully evaluates all the companies' characteristics to identify the best in each industry. To do so, it considers different aspects: marketing, service offerings, service characteristics, and customer opinions.

According to the 2020 edition report, the outstanding companies are located in areas with reasonable time zones for their customers; they have a "similar work culture" and "remarkable communication skills in English." Thus, they can easily hold meetings and work together. Clutch also pointed out that "they have affordable costs."

XOOR in the list of Best Companies that provide nearshore services in Latin America.

![list of best nearshore service providers in latin america](//images.ctfassets.net/f3wy9jbk7mqy/5s72Y2uMCbrYq1Hqspw8zg/6e973696bbb77ec22009ea8ee38d9c4c/xoor-fotos-3.jpg "list of best nearshore service providers in latin america"?w=796&h=447&q=100&fit=crop&f=faces&bg=rgb%3A000000&fm=jpg&fl=progressive)

The Co-Founder & CTO, Jonatan Jaskilioff, highlighted that what differentiates XOOR from other firms is the "commitment and professionalism with which we start each project." He adds that "from the day a project begins, we assume 100% responsibility and work side by side with our clients to develop it in the best way possible." He also remarked that "we are proactive with each project; we recommend solutions and give constant feedback. Our clients highly value that."

The Co-Founder & COO, Juan Masud, revealed XOOR's upcoming projects. This company is conquering markets in countries like Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama. He stated that "at the beginning of this year, our regular clients were mostly from the United States, but a few months ago, we began a rapid process of expansion in Latin America."

Finally, the founders of the award-winning company concluded: "The pandemic has created unparalleled opportunities to develop new digital tools, so we are very excited about what is coming for XOOR.

Some of the Main Nearshore Companies highlighted in Argentina by Clutch.

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  • BairesDev
  • AccelOne
  • Amalgama
  • Soluciones Summa
  • XOOR
  • Agencia Creativa DHNN
  • 404 // Aplicaciones web y móviles
  • Agencia Coda
  • Wolox
  • Hexacta
  • Globant