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A Team Passionate About Software

At XOOR we apply our knowledge of cutting-edge technology to empower the ideas and projects of enterprises from around the globe. But most importantly, we love what we do and we do it with passion.

Who Are We

We’re not just a team of software developers.
We build experiences that your users will love.


Our team is located in Argentina, a country well  known for the remarkable quality of it’s software engineers.
We’re ranked 1st in Latin America for English skills, which means communication won’t ever be an issue.

What We Do

We provide end-to-end software solutions with a focus on mobile apps and responsive web applications.

Our team has years of extensive experience developing software in a wide variety of projects within different environments.
This gives us great versatility, a key factor when helping SMEs to take the first steps towards effectively building their own software.

Meet the Founder

Mauricio Payetta

Mauricio has a Systems Engineering Degree and 7+ years of experience in the software industry. He’s been part of the engineering teams of Lending Club, Dianrong and TomTom. Having lived and worked in Argentina, Germany, China and South Korea, he is well versed in working with a diverse mix of people and knows how the different working cultures may influence the software development process.

In 2017, after 4 years of living as an expat and travelling around the world, Mauricio returned to his hometown in Argentina. He founded XOOR with the goal of helping local and overseas companies overcome software development needs using cutting-edge technology.

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